Tax Preparation Appointment Check List

Please bring the following information to your tax appointment:
New Clients, bring tax returns for the prior 3 years
Blank Check for direct deposit of any refunds
If you purchased health insurance through a state or federal exchange, bring form 1095-A
• W-2’s, 1098’s, & 1099’s (unemployment, interest, dividends, social security, pension, gambling, prizes, etc)
• Any other income such as cancellation of debt, bartering, jury duty, and scholarships—even if no 1099
• If you received any tips not reported to your employer or not included in your W-2, provide amount
• If New Client—Social Security Cards and dates of birth for yourself, spouse & other dependents
• If Returning Client—Social Security Cards and date of birth for any new dependents/spouse
Settlement Statement for any home or rental property purchased, refinanced, or sold
• K-1’s for partnerships, S-Corps, estates and trusts (also distributions from & transfers to foreign trust)
• For sales of stocks/securities (1099-B) or other property, the following is needed:
1) property description 2) purchase date 3) sale date 4) purchase price 5) selling price 6) improvements and 7) expense of sale
• Details (see above item) on any stocks or securities you own that became worthless during the year
• Details on any stock options granted to you by your employer or any stock options you exercised
• Detail of charitable contributions—cash (Church or Synagogue, United Way, etc.) and non cash
• Mortgage interest statements, real estate taxes, personal property taxes
• Interest payments on a boat or recreational vehicle with a bedroom, kitchen and bath
• Detail of estimated tax payments made, if any
• Medical expenses if you will itemize deductions and you incurred significant expenses
• Long Term Care Insurance Premiums paid
• Detail of payments you made to nursing homes for a possible Nursing Home Assessment Credit
• Child care expenses/cost of caring for a handicapped individual so you could work, attend school, or look for a job
—amount paid, name, address, and tax ID # of provider
• Tuition Payments (1098-T)—bring Bursar Statements, student loan interest, and 529 plan contributions
• Contributions to an IRA, Roth IRA, or self employed retirement plan you made or plan to make for tax year
For purchases of vehicles, motorcycles and motor homes, provide sales tax paid for possible deduction
• If you or your spouse are age 70 or older, are you taking required retirement plan distributions?
• Contributions/withdrawals from HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts) or MSA (Archer Medical Savings Acct)
• Details of gifts totaling more than $14,000 to any individual during the year
Energy Efficient Home Improvements—cost and date installed (insulation, doors, windows, furnaces, water heaters, air conditioning, solar, wind, etc.)
Bring any information on energy ratings you may have
• UN-reimbursed job expenses: Uniforms, dues, travel, supplies, etc. (See #3 & 28 in business checklist)
• Job seeking expenses in same field—travel, food, employment agency fees, resume cost, etc.
• Moving expenses for a new job—provide details
• Adoption Expenses
• If you rent an apartment, the amount of rent and any utilities included (if your income is under $18,001)
• Alimony Paid—Social Security Number of Recipient, Alimony Received
• Non-custodial parent claiming an exemption(s) for your child(ren), provide form 8332 if applicable
• Detail of dependent children’s unearned income if over $1,000 (interest, dividends, capital gains, etc.)
• Please inform tax preparer if you or your spouse is legally blind or disabled
• If you purchased a plug-in vehicle or alternative fuel source vehicle, please provide details
• If you are a teacher, please provide details of out-of-pocket classroom expenses
Details of any financial accounts (including retirement) maintained by a foreign (non-US) financial institution
• Financial interest in or signature or other authority over a foreign financial account, please provide details
• If you employ an individual to perform household services (baby-sitting, cleaning, etc.) provide details
• If any changes were made to federal or state returns (amended or audit) for prior years, provide details
• Provide cost of items purchased for which NY State sales tax was not paid but should have been
• National Guard or Reservists who travel over 100 miles away from home and stay overnight, provide details
• Provide details for any auto accident, fire, theft, natural disaster, etc. for a possible casualty loss deduction
• If you have any other income not listed above do not assume it is not taxable.
Please bring the relevant information to your tax appointment so a determination can be made
Please see the Business and Rental Property checklist if you have business or rental activity to report.